What is next – Staying up in Khumbu or moving down?

The few days I stayed in a tent with the villagers above Namche Bazar was on one hand a very sad experience, but on the other hand an exciting and somehow enriching experience. Especially in terms of what we Westerners could learn from the Sharpas! As mentioned, it was just amazing to see how these mountain people were able to manage this difficult situation after the second big earthquake. It just looked that this was part of their life, and it was…

On the second day, I went down to the school and was looking for Lhakpa’s two children. I have been informed that the school will be closed again (they closed it already after the first earthquake), which is a good thing in this situation. So they informed all the parents to pick up their children, since it was a boarding school, where children would not only take classes, but also stay there during the academic year. In this school, just like in Thame, the classrooms could not be used anymore because of the earthquake, so school life took place in tents, but this was now also too dangerous.

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