Situation at the Everest North Side

This are good news: We are all fine here at the Everest North Side! We were at the Advanced Base Camp (ABC) at 6,400m/21,120ft when the earthquake stroke. Most of us were in our tents, some outside, enjoying the nice weather, as all of us suddenly felt the rolling movement in the ground underneath us. It is important to know that ABC is mostly build on the top of a side moraine of the East Rombuk Glacier, not far away from a nearby mountain. So all of us were mostly concerned regarding falling rocks. But, luckily, nothing happened. So the good news is that everybody in our team and in the other teams on this side of Everest is fine and healthy. Most news you are currently reading is regarding the South Side and the terrible things that happened in Nepal. Unfortunately, because of our position high up in the mountain (no phones, no Internet…), we did not know what was going on in Nepal. It is so tragic!

This is just a short update to make sure that everybody knows that we are OK. More details will follow in a day or two. Thank you very much for your support!!!

IMG_2266Advanced Base Camp with Everest in the background

Contact information:
I am currently at the Everest base camp and can be reached as follows:
Phone : +86-182-8912-9741,

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