Second earthquake, Tuesday, May 12, at 12:55pm Nepal time

It was an extremely terrifying moment for me! But first the background. The last few days I spent in Samde (Lhakpa’s current home village) and Thame at 3,800m/12,500ft. I helped Lhakpa and his family to clean up whatever there was to clean: Collecting the wood and trying to cover it from the upcoming Monsoon rain as well as fixing some of the broken stone fences. The rest has to be done by specialists, and they are very busy with fixing so many broken houses. Somehow, I must have hurt my back in the process and after having felt the pain for over a week, I mentioned it to a Nepali doctor which I met in Thame and he suggest to me to rest for a few days. Well, resting was the last thing I was planning to do, but after having realized that the pain would not go away as long as I carry heavy backpacks up and down and move around rocks, I followed his advice and I decided to go down for a few days to Namche Bazar, which is still at 3,340m/11,022ft, to recover, work on my blog and check my e-mail (Namche Bazar was the only village that had Internet connection after the first earthquake).

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