Final medical check – and back to “normal” life…

As expected, the drive from Everest Base Camp in Tibet all the way to Kathmandu was an adventure it self. After an over 13 hours jeep ride in two different jeeps, on some challenging roads in the Tibetan High Plateau and on Nepal’s narrow roads, across some mountain passes of over 5,000m/16,500ft, I finally arrived late in the evening of May 15 in Kathmandu. I was tired but glad to be here and Kathmandu welcomed me with a Pre-Monsoon rain. Actually, this was fine for me since I have not seen any rain for over one month and the nice thing here was, the weather was so warm… Besides experiencing the bumpy roads, I had some very interesting discussions starting with Buddhism and the meaning of life in a place like Tibet and moving all the way to the basic discussions regarding the importance of excellent driving skills for a jeep driver on these demanding mountain roads in Nepal, situations we can rarely experience in our home countries. But what was interesting in both discussions, the underlying theme was respect: Respect of the other! Yes, there is so much to learn in almost any situation in this life!

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