Beginning of the long journey

After a long trip and 9 hours waiting for a connection flight in Delhi I arrived in Kathmandu on April 7, around noon. On this day, there was a strike in Nepal which means no private cars on the route, so traveling to the hotel was a little bit easier than normal. I met that evening with Kari Kobler, the expedition leader and a Michael, climbing mate, who has arrived already earlier. Since I had still some extra days before the start of the expedition, I decided to visit Nagarkot, a village about two hours from Kathmandu in the foothills of the Himalayas. There were at least two good reasons to go there: (1) The village is at 2,100m/6,930ft which may help in terms of acclimatization and, (2) I was able to escape the smog and noise of Kathmandu. So Michael and I left on April 8 and spent two days in this beautiful area.

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