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The Vision represents what you want your organization to be in the long term i.e. your ideal state.
The Mission describes the purpose of your organization and how it will compete and add value to customers.
The Key Strategies define your specific approach and related set of activities that will differentiate you from competitors.
The Balanced Scorecard/Strategic Objectives provide the measures and focus needed to allow you to track progress and evaluate the effectiveness of our strategies.
The Key Initiatives are a direct outcome from the strategic objectives and will need to be monitored and managed on an ongoing basis.
The Projects will need to be defined to measure and mark progress towards the key initiatives.
The Key Tasks are to be performed by an individual and will need to be defined in the context of the project.
Finally, the Competencies will need to be indentified and mastered in order to perform the key tasks to a high standard.
Key Strategies
Balanced Scorecard/Strategic Objectives
Key Initiatives
Key Tasks
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