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The Everest Expedition from North Col brings us from Kathmandu in Nepal across the Nepal – Tibetan border into Tibet and finally to the Chinese Base camp. Everest expedition from the Tibet side has become more popular among the mountaineers to make their dream come true to stand on the summit of Everest. Among the several reasons, low cost of royalty and other basic mountaineering services as well as the safest route to the summit are the key factors to attract more Everest climbers from North Col than from the South Col.

Technically, it is more challenging than the South side but does not have the ice fall danger. One of appealing aspects of Everest North Ridge route is that it offers the view of Everest virtually the whole route from the base camp.

Expedition initially starts from driving to Base Camp (BC) at 5,200m and from there it is 22 km to Advanced Base Camp (ABC) at 6,400m with yak support. From ABC the route continues up the East Rongbuk glacier and then to snow slopes to the North Col at 7,000m where Camp I is established on snow. This is a comfortable camp location, with great views across the North Face and East Rongbuk Glacier. However, it is not expansive. Climbing snow slopes, Camp II will usually be pitched at 7400m at the head of the snow ramp that stretches up from the Col and the camp could be windy. The route from Camp II to Camp III consists of a series of rock and shingle steps and easy terrain. Camp III usually will be at 7900m on rocky shelves. The route from Camp II to Camp III is quite windy. From Camp III the route traverses across a series of rock steps and snow slopes, then again on mixed rock and snow to Camp IV at 8,400m on rocky ground, but sometimes on ledges cut into snow, depending on snowfall in the preceding season. The summit day starts from here. The route consists of mixed rock and snow steps some of them are quite steep to the NE ridge and then finally to the summit via the Three Steps.

  Day 1 - 10     Day 11 - 65
Day 01: Arrive Kathmandu & transfer hotel   Day 11: Chinese Base Camp to Middle Camp load carry by Yaks
Day 02: Kathmandu   Day 12: Middle Camp - Advance Base Camp of Everest 6400m
Day 03: Kathmandu   Day 13-58: Climbing Period of Everest 8848m.
Day 04: Drive Zhangmu, Hotel   Day 59: ABC - Base Camp
Day 05: Drive to Naylam, Hotel   Day 60: Drive to Tingri
Day 06: Rest Day for Acclimatized   Day 61: Drive to Zhanmu
Day 07: Drive to Tingri   Day 62: Drive Border exit and drive to Kathmandu.
Day 08: Rest Day for Acclimatized   Day 63: Kathmandu
Day 08: Drive Chinese Base Camp   Day 64: Kathmandu (Sight Seeing Around Valley)
Day 09: Chinese Base Camp 5400m   Day 65: Final Departure
Day 10: Chinese Base Camp      


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