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A competency is a personal characteristic (knowledge, skill, attitude, trait or motive) that contributes to effective or superior performance in a particular job in a particular organization.
Effective management is the art of using the appropriate Leadership style to deal with specific situations.
The Work Climate is the atmosphere of a work environment which conditions the behavior of those who work in it.
Increased motivation: If an organization is to perform at its optimal level, then its people must feel that the prevailing organizational climate is one which collectively motivates and empowers them to succeed.
Positive climates, where goals are clear to all and high standards are set for job performance, can have an energizing effect upon people and their performance.
The effects of working in a good climate translate into people becoming more motivated with a corresponding improvement in the organization’s measured economic results.
» Leadership checklist
A successful leader or manager demonstrates the following leadership behaviors in a consistent manner:

Directs and influences subordinates, effectively communicating the organization’s goals.
Sets (with subordinate input) challenging yet “stretch” performance goals.
Delegates responsibility- as much as subordinates can handle.
Provides frequent specific behavior orientated feedback, assistance and resources to help subordinates.
Rewards task performance and improvement of performers.
Does not overlook failures but responds by helping subordinates plan ways to improve.
Develops subordinates effectively by providing practical instructions and opportunities
for professional development.
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Increased motivation
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