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Our coaching process has six steps and the overall goal is to create lasting impact and sustainable success in terms of behavioral change and business results.
Step 1: Establish the ground rules
Creating a coaching “contract” and reaching consensus.
Step 2: Identify the stakeholders
Identifying the tools and stakeholders that will provide feedback to the leader.
Step 3: Implement and review assessment
Implement and analyze the survey, interview or performance data.
Step 4: Develop action plan
Identify first development themes and later specific, behaviorally defined development goals.
Step 5: Perform ongoing follow up sessions
Agree to meet at least once a month to review progress and discuss further actions.
Step 6: Evaluate final results and reassessing the process
Conduct a formal progress review based on input from the coachee, direct reports, boss and other stakeholders.
Establish the ground rules
Identify the stakeholders
Implement and review
Develop action plan
Perform ongoing follow up
Evaluate final results and reassessing the process
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